Friday, 10 February 2017

does valium help anyone?

Since its been a year of constant pain I am considering taking valium as an occasional relief for the less severe pain. If I want to maybe start going out for the day with a friend or something since I can't take the edge off with steam pans if I'm out side.

I find steam pans reduce the stress induced pain, so as the pain increased so does stress in my body as a response to it which increased the pain even more. A hot steam pan with a towel over my head and some eucalyptus oil releases the tension a bit and brings the pressure and pain down to the normal level that it was for that day. Not for long mind you only 15 minutes or so but still.

I wonder if valium will at least have a similar relaxant effect, preventing the built up stress from the pain increasing the pain further and further throughout the day.

I know it's highly addictive. I've used it in the past for anxiety but did not get find myself even slightly addicted to it so not concerned about that.

Just wondering if anyone uses it for milder level migraines/pressure in the head and whether they get any benefit?

I don't currently have any pain killers that work. Never did really.

Or triptans. So just want some kind of break or ability to socialize occasionally while I wait for the correct treatment to work.

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